How to Hope

recording by Olivia de Prato, violin, Mariel Roberts, cello, Jade Conlee, piano

WISE BLOOD  last 12 minutes

I. Processional
After his car is destroyed Hazel Motes walks back to town, finds a tin bucket and a sack of quicklime, pours water into the bucket, then blinds himself with quicklime.

II. Recessional
III. Mrs. Flood Proposes  

Not realizing Hazel Motes lies in his bed deceased, 

Mrs. Flood proposes plans for their future.

performed by GELSEY BELL.

"Well, Mr. Motes, I see you’ve come home! I knew you’d come back. I know you like it here and wouldn’t want to leave and you’re a sick man and need someone to take care of you as well as being blind. I been thinking, and see there’s only one thing to do. Get married. I wouldn’t do it under any ordinary condition but I would do it for a blind man and a sick one. 

The world is an empty place. Nobody to care if you live or die but me. Any way you like, upstairs or down... or if you want to go on somewhere, we’ll both go."


Geoffrey Landman, soprano sax Kristen McKeon, alto sax 

Erin Roger, tenor sax Zach Herchen, baritone sax 

Will Lang, trombones James Rogers, euphonium, tuba 

Joseph Branciforte, audio engineer

To the Place (piano solo)


Holly Hansen, as the tragic ingénue Sabbath Lily, reading the note she receives from the fiercely twisted Hazel Motes, not realizing his cruel joke. 

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WISE BLOOD, an opera based on the novel by Flannery O'Connor

Holly Hansen, singing Sabbath Lily's last words to Hazel Motes, before she leaves him, and takes her chances solo.

The Making of Americans (2008)

an opera after the novel by 

Gertrude Stein


an opera based on the novel by Flannery O'Connor